How to join products into bundles to create special deals for your clients?

    How to join products into bundlesto create special deals for your clients?

    You can easily join two or more products into bundles to encoure your clients to buy them together. To do so, you can also offer them special deals or discount. In this article you can learn how to do all that.

    1) Go to 'My Products' in the Marketplace Menu.
    2) To create a bundle you need to have at least two products for sale in your store. They can be either goods or electronic, it doesn't matter. In fact, in a bundle you can join electronics with goods.
    3) To create a bundle, check the products you want to join and hen click 'Bundle'.
    4) Give a name to our new bundle and set the pricing. The price is automatically create b joining the prices of all products in the bundle but you can change it manually. You can also set a discount rate (per cent) or discount value (in Adore Coins). You can also change all the other settings just like when you create a single product, you can add photos, set delivery settings or attributes. When you finish just click 'Done' and the bundle will be added to your store.