How to create shipping zones

    How to createshipping zones?

    'Shipping zones' allow you to group countries into zones in order to easily assign shipping methods.
    For example, you can group all European or American countries into one zone. You can see how to do it step by step in the tutorial below.

    1) In order to create new shipping zones click 'My Zones' in the Marketplace Menu.
    2) Everyone has one default zone that includes all countries but we will show you how to create a new one.
    3) Click '+New' button.
    4) Type a name of the zone. We chose to create a zone for North America as an example. Choose the type - 'Shipping'. Choose countries you want to include in your zones. You can choose one country or more. To choose more countries click them while holding Ctrl button. After that click 'Done'.
    5) Congratulations! You've succesfully created a new zone. If you want to see how to add a zone to your shipping settings see our next tutorial: 'How to assign shipping settings'.