How to join products into bundles to create special deals for your clients?

    You can easily join two or more products into bundles to encoure your clients to buy them together. To do so, you can also offer them special deals or discount. In this article you can learn how to do all that.

    How to log in with Twitter

    You can easily register and log in to using your Twitter acount. Here you can see how to do it.

    How to assign shipping settings

    'Shipping' settings are important to set to make sure that your clients can choose appropriate setting options while shopping you products.
    Follow our step by step tutorial to find out how to set shipping options.

    How to handle shippable orders

     'Shippable Orders' is a list of products ordered by your clients. You can check their status (whether hey've been already payed for or not) and you can update shipping status.
    See our tutorial to find out how to do it. 

    How to create shipping zones

    'Shipping zones' allow you to group countries into zones in order to easily assign shipping methods.
    For example, you can group all European or American countries into one zone. You can see how to do it step by step in the this below.

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